The Mother Ship is Purple

by Anastacia-Reneé

you want to tell all your people the mother ship is swooping
that she landed on top of a red mountain of vegan gravy
that she is dripping in beggary saying sop me up sop me up
you want to drag them by their anxious hands & say ya’ll
our time has come. look up yonder. & you want yonder to be
a 60 degree place of no wanting — as if the yonder knows
<                   what you need                    >
& what you need is a land with no white cops dangling
pavlov fingers or pow-powing guns as synonym for
the truth the light & the way to kill a nigga
want to tell your people to gallop to the mother ship
like giraffes or gazelles or goliath — goodtimes, we
finally got a piece of the pie eye     eye     eye     eyeeee
                         run ____________ run.


Poem copyright 2018 by Anastacia-Reneé. All rights reserved.

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