January 26, 2020


(The Death of Kobe Bryant)

by Nikki Giovanni

We don’t know
She does
He did
I can’t
You don’t
Know the last words
“The weather is bad
Don’t go
Stay home
They will be all
Right with out

We don’t know
And actually it’s not
Our business
Was she worried
Did she feel something
Did she wish
He would for once

But she most likely kissed
Them both wondering
What they might want
For dinner
Or snacks into the evening
When they came home

She hoped they would
But she was so tired
Maybe just a short
Just to close
Her eyes
For a minute
She was cold
Just needed to throw
A blanket over
Her feet
For just a minute

We don’t Know what
She thought
Or said

It’s none
Of our business
And too sad
To think

Poem copyright 2020 by Nikki Giovanni. All rights reserved.

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